Linnea Luuppala

Environmental philosopher striving to redefine our relationship with nature

Welcome to my website

I am a Doctoral student working on environmental philosophy. Philosophy is my passion and I deeply care about nature. For several years now I have dedicated my attention to trying to understand the human-nature relationship and finding ways to understand and explain how nature has value and obligates us. With philosophy, I enjoy how you can ask philosophical questions just about anything and everything. As such, philosophy is a powerful way to find common ground between different topics and academic fields. This makes philosophy an effective way to connect, unify and reconcile ideas, research fields and (reflection of) worlds. I also love how creative philosophy is; only our imagination and reason are the limit.

My PhD Project

My PhD thesis titled “Degraded, Damaged, and Destroyed: A Conceptual Analysis of Ecological Restoration and Its Ethical Implications” is a philosophical analysis of ecological restoration. The first part of my PhD thesis is focused on conceptual analysis, trying to understand what ecological restoration really is and mapping any inconsistencies and shortcomings of the concept. The second part of my PhD is dedicated to the normative analysis of ecological restoration, where I explore whether humanity can be considered having an obligation to restore the damage it has caused to nature and I aim to build a normative framework for ecological restoration.

Writing and Publications

My writing mainly focuses on environmental philosophy and particularly on ecological restoration. Although my general and research interests are quite broad and I hope overtime, my list of writings will cover a wide spectrum of philosophical issues. Click to find a list of my writings and publications.


I enjoy sharing and talking about my research and particularly enjoy reaching beyond the borders of philosophy. I have learned so much from my discussions with academics from other research fields and the general public. You can find out more where I’m presenting my research (public events, conferences, seminars etc.).

Public Philosophy