About me

Linnea Luuppala

I am a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Helsinki, Finland. I work within environmental philosophy and am particularly interested in environmental ethics, ecological restoration, environmental values, understanding the human-nature relationship, concept of "nature" and "wilderness", conceptual analysis, and ecological justice. My PhD thesis examines ecological restoration through conceptual analysis and explores its ethical implications. I aim to build a normative framework that will obligate humans to repair the damage they have caused to nature, whilst tackling the difficult questions around how we ought to understand "nature," and our relationship with it. I believe ecological restoration can help us illuminate the important aspects of the human-nature relationship that might not reveal themselves as clearly in other contexts. My PhD project is funded by the Kone Foundation. I am forever grateful for their support and for allowing me to work on such a vital topic.

My other research interests include other areas of environmental philosophy such as climate ethics, population ethics, environmental sustainability. I am also interested in the philosophy of technology, agricultural ethics, indigenous philosophies, and public philosophy.

I really want to use philosophy to make the world a better place. In this way, I am particularly interested in applied philosophy and believe it is important to bring philosophy to the public, so that we can have these important conversations on a societal level which is crucial if we wish to build a better world in a democratic way. The real beauty of philosophy is that it belongs to everyone and every subject is worth asking questions (you never know what you will discover). To this end, I am very interested in crossdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdiciplinary work and partnerships. I am also writing a regular public philosophy blog, where I explore and share my research to everyone. If you would like to get in touch or collaborate, please do send me a message.