Writing and Publications

My writing mainly focuses on environmental philosophy and particularly on ecological restoration. Although my general and research interests are quite broad and I hope overtime, my list of writings will cover a wide spectrum of philosophical issues.

Luuppala, Linnea (2021). “Rights-Based Restoration,” in Corrigan, & Oksanen, M. (eds.). Rights of Nature: A Re-Examination. Taylor & Francis Group.

This chapter considers the relationship between rights of nature and ecological restoration, by sketching a rights-based approach to restoration. It begins with a discussion of ecological restoration and some of the debates involved in this practice. Next, it develops an account of the right to restoration, including the structure, basis, and duties involved in this right. Finally, it examines the ethical implications of a rights-based approach to restoration, and argues that this approach has the potential to fulfil our obligations regarding the protection of nature.

Chen, J., M. J. Dahlin, L. Luuppala, D. Bickford, L. Boljka, V. Burns and M. S. Johnson (2020). “Air pollution and climate change: Sustainability, restoration, and ethical implications,” In Meyers R. (eds) Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology, Springer, New York.

Climate change is a profound global-scale challenge to the sustainability of human society and the biosphere. This article introduces the key scientific research on climate change and its ethical implications. It begins by summarizing the key types of anthropogenic climate forcing agents including CO2, CH4, N2O, and air pollution including particulate matter (PM) and their sources. A combination of mitigation, restoration, and adaptation strategies currently being considered are introduced and compared. Global climate change intersects with many academic disciplines and this article attempts provide a holistic overview of the current observations of climate change based on scientific and ethical considerations. Our analysis includes the atmosphere and hydrosphere, and the impacts of climate 29 change on society. The aim is to provide a fuller account of climate change from perspective of disciplines not often seen together, thus providing a more comprehensive account of the most defining problem of our time.

Luuppala, Linnea (2019). “Robin Attfield. Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction.” Ethical Perspectives, September 2019.

This is a book review of Robin Attfield's "Environmental Ethics: A Very Short Introduction". The image of the book is from: https://www.veryshortintroductions.com/view/10.1093/actrade/9780198797166.001.0001/actrade-9780198797166

Luuppala, Linnea (2016). “Is energy an ethical issue?,” Energy Futures Lab Blog.

This is a blog post I wrote based on my presentation at the Energy Futures Lab Seminar Series at Imperial College London. My presentation and subsequent blog were both titled "“Is energy an ethical issue?". I suppose this was my first attempt at public philosophy, where I aimed to convey important ethical issues to scientists.